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wardrobe BEST PRICE WITH BEST CABINETRY AIS LIVING allows you to work and purchase directly from us *AIS LIVING is the only major custom cabinetmaker that VIEW MORE *Dedicated in Kitchen Cabinets and Home Storage Solutions bathroom BEST PRICE WITH BEST CABINETRY AIS LIVING *Dedicated in Kitchen Cabinets and Home Storage Solutions *AIS LIVING is the only major custom cabinetmaker that allows you to work and purchase directly from us VIEW MORE kitchen cabinet BEST PRICE WITH BEST CABINETRY AIS LIVING *Dedicated in Kitchen Cabinets and Home Storage Solutions *AIS LIVING is the only major custom cabinetmaker that allows you to work and purchase directly from us VIEW MORE wardrobe-banner-01 BEST PRICE WITH BEST CABINETRY AIS LIVING *Dedicated in Kitchen Cabinets and Home Storage Solutions *AIS LIVING is the only major custom cabinetmaker that allows you to work and purchase directly from us VIEW MORE

Dedicated In Lacquer Kitchen Cabinet & Home Storage Solutions.

AIS LIVING is the only major custom cabinetmaker (Lacquer Kitchen Cabinet, Wood Grain Laminate Kitchen Cabinets) that allows you to work and purchase directly from us. Whether you are an architect, a designer, the home builder or home owner, the AIS LIVING Design and Sales team works directly with you, helping you achieve your dream kitchen cabinet, from design to delivery! This program saves you money, as there is no middleman adding their cost of doing business to the price of your cabinetry.
Best Price With Best Style

From design, production and delivery to destination all by AIS LIVING, well control the price and well paired different style cabinets you want.

Professional Advice

AIS LIVING makes use of the high-quality hardware and raw materials on offer, the enjoyment and longevity of every project a firm priority.

High-quality Raw Material

No matter where are you from, our design team can work out the kitchens with your standards even if you are first time purchase from China.

Experienced Team

With more than 20 years experienced skilled production team who with efficiency and professional working procedure to finish all cabinets.


AIS LIVING is the only major custom cabinetmaker that allows you to work and purchase directly from us.








With beautiful but affordable lacquer kitchen cabinet, Pvc vinyl wrap kitchen cabinet, lacquer bathroom vanity, wardrobes and expert design, you won't have to compromise to stay within your remodeling budget. We bring to your project our expert knowledge of low-cost cabinets, creative design concepts, and experience with thousands of kitchen projects, bathroom vanity , big and small.


Having designed thousands of kitchens, we know this: a homeowner could easily overlook layout modifications that could result in a much more elegant and functional kitchen


Approaching bath cabinetry design with the same skills applied to custom kitchen design, our in-house designers can provide solutions for your bath area, large or small


We can provide solutions to any storage problem. We can create custom storage for any room in the house, providing effective and space saving solutions to any room in your house.


The garage is often the largest room in your home, so we create customized storage solutions for the ultimate in garage makeovers


Helping you create a functional laundry room with plenty of storage and wall cabinets that will keep your laundry items in one place and add value to your home


Dreaming of a new bathroom? Whether you are building new or remodeling, remember to build a cabinet for your wall hung toilet , make it full match with vanity


Our mission is to deliver outstanding quality, value and design service for an exceptional customer experience.


AIS LIVING is the only major custom cabinetmaker that allows you to work and purchase directly from us.

Strong Manufacturing Capabilities

What do you need for your construction project? Work with our designers, choose from our popular designs, or bring your own! We use precision HOMAG equipment from Germany to fabricate top quality craftsmanship into all our work.

We built our huge factory & workshop with more than 380,000 square feet of warehouse with you in mind. As one of the largest and most experienced manufacturers in China, we focus on SERVICE while providing you with bulk production capabilities with an eye for detail and quality. With our 5 production lines for edge banding, cutting, lacquering, hole drilling and PVC filming, we can deliver up to 8,000 kitchen cabinet units or up to 5,000 customized sets every month.

Project Support

Our design, sales and production team offers you professional service and support through all stages of the process. In fact, developers, contractors, builders, building design companies and project brokers from around the world recognize us for our exemplary designs, professional standards, and start-to-finish customer service. If this is your first time importing kitchen cabinets from China, let us help !



To Your Dream Kitchen Cabinets & Home Storage


As you dream about your new kitchen, build a collection of kitchen design images that reflect your lifestyle and your vision for the new space. Bring these images to the first meeting to give the designer a better understanding of what you have in mind

Touch, feel, and look inside the kitchen cabinets and select the style of wood that best reflects your own taste. Discover the various paints, stains, and glazing techniques available in addition to our wide selection of hardware and molding. From design to installation, our team will work with you the entire way to create the overall design you desire.


There’s a lot more to kitchen design than rows of cabinets and appliances. We hope you won’t settle for the limited options of an online planner tool. Expert design should be the foundation of your project—it’s the best guarantee of a smooth process and an optimal result.

We will recommend layout options, finishes, colors and textures. We will then bring your project to life using a Computer Aided Drawing (CAD) program that will print three-dimensional and color pictures of your projects. This enables you to see and modify all of your cabinet plans before anything is built.


Your project is a completely unique challenge to us and we look forward to working with your ideas and requirements. An investment in kitchen design is an investment in value and elegance.


Our purpose is to help make your new kitchens an affordable reality. Before you receive the dreamed kitchen cabinets. We will have cabinets you order fully inspected with our International QC standard to make sure good quality you will have . Assemble packing is necessary not only help avoid the mistake happen but also help you to save installation cost. Every cabinet will have well packed labor which match the shop drawings we confirm.

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Standard Order Lead Time

For standard finishes, allow 4-6 weeks for production. For Designer Paint Series finishes, 5-7 weeks for production. Depending on special customization (such as for a matching wood range hood) additional time may be required.

Confirm Receipt of Order and Damage/Missing Parts

You have 60 days to report concealed damage. If you have any questions, please email or call us. Please check the contents of your delivery upon arrival and report any missing or visibly damaged cabinets to sale people . (pls send us photos about the damage parts.)

Rush Orders: Parts and Replacements

The Rush Order program is designed to provide quick access to inventoried parts carried at our factory that do not require assembly. This rush program gives you access to many parts with a very short lead time.

Replacement Order Policy

There is no charge for a replacement part if it is an exact item match for the defective part and meets the following criteria:

  • Original was damaged during shipping
  • Falls under the CliqStudios.com Limited Manufacturing Warranty
  • Original does not meet AIS LIVING standard for quality manufacturing
  • All replacement orders are to be expedited through manufacturing and shipping.
  • The standard method of shipping replacement items is through Ocean shipment or shared cost airfreight.
Decorative Hardware (Knobs and Pulls) Shortage/Damage Policy

Please check and inspect your hardware order as soon as you receive it. You have 40 business days, after receipt of hardware items, to report any defective, damaged, incorrect and/or missing items to your AIS LIVING customer service. For our complete policy on damaged or missing product.

Installation which is last and important step to have your dream kitchen cabinets come true.

Preparing for Construction


Preparing for construction is a critical step in the timeline. Dust from demolition and installation is always a concern and we’ve listed some helpful hints to assist you during construction and after installing cabinets, easing the transition back to a fully functioning kitchen and home..

Working With Your Cabinet Installer


Preparation. If you’ve decided to hire a professional installer, start asking friends and colleagues for referrals early in the planning stages.

How to Install Cabinets


Proper installation of your new cabinetry will ensure that it performs well in your home. Whether you’re considering installing the cabinetry yourself, or just want to know what to expect when professional installers come to your home, our installation guidance offer visual demonstrations on the principles of cabinet installation.

From measuring the space, to knowing what tools are needed, to adding finishing touches like crown moulding and hardware, our installation guidance cover the key steps for installing cabinets.